I’m late to the party, but I brought punch and pie!

I’m late to the party, but I finally got my first assignment for DS106 done. I pondered for a long while on what I would do my intro/30 second story on, and whether I would lean more towards intro or towards story. But I had a hard time settling on something. I know that this is fundamentally a function of my perfectionism streak. I will discard a dozen ideas as not being good enough because the end product isn’t in my mind as jazzy, creative or awe-inspiring as I want it to be. Really I know better- I know I should just grab one, run with it and see what happens. Usually when I experiment I end up with something totally different from what I envisioned, and in a good way. I need to remember to honor the process of creation as much as the end product, rather than worrying overmuch about the end result before it has even taken form. So it’s time that I remember when I am in this class I need to shut off the jury in my head and just do something for the sheer hell of it, and the joy of experimenting. So I will “make art” but focus on the making part and let the art shake out where it will.

Ok, so here is my “story” below. I did it in iMovie, which I haven’t used much. And I learned that trying to do anything in iMovie via¬† a trackpad on a laptop sucks. Even though I was doing something something simple, it turned out to be way more difficult than it should be, belying the idea that “Everything Apple makes is intuitive.” Not so. I love me some Mac products, but certain aspects of their software often drive me to screaming fits. This was compounded by trying to do this at my office, where they’re on a hunt to disable anything useful. Latest victims are YouTube and Dropbox (both of which I use in my job), but thankfully they haven’t caught on yet to Vimeo, ha ha!

DS106 Assignment 1- Sunny from jiminica on Vimeo.

Anyway, I was aiming for minimalism. I made a conscious choice to only use one photo. The concept is to be something in the nature of an elegy, and adding photos and transitions and “stuff” took away from that. I realize that seeing only one picture may feel visually unstimulating, but I think in this case the simplicity enhances the focus of the story, and since the story is short, I think it works ok. I’m less happy about how the transitions turned out, but that is my issue with iMovie- one I will take up with the offending product later.